S2 E3 Robert Dudzic, sound designer for Hollywood movie trailers on “Music & chat w/Shueh-li Ong”

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S2 E3: Broadcasts 17th Oct SAT 7PM Central/8PM Eastern (18th Oct SUN 8AM SG/11AM Australia).
Guest: Robert Dudzic, sound designer for Hollywood movie trailers.

Piece performed today: Sarah+Izeibil https://youtu.be/JIAwPSQNpsA
Shueh-li Ong’s songs available for download at http://ShuehliOng.Bandcamp.com

Key points in the stream (index):
2:53 I chat and perform for you, the viewers.
13:58 Intro to ur guest.
18:34 How did you get your first movie-trailer gig?
22:04 What’s at stake when a trailer comes out, and what a sound designer has to do to be different.
24:40 What do you usually receive in order to work on a trailer project? Robert references Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets.
27:12 I ask Robert if he works in 3D/surround sound and Robert mentions Ambisonics for realism, mentioned being an ardent RØDE Nt SF1 ambisonic mic user.
30:13 If Robert had to create a sound of someone brushing their teeth, what would he do?
31:55 What about recording the engine of a car?
34:18 Gun sounds? Robert also mentions using the Enforcer plugin by Boom library, and his other hardware synthesizers.
36:44 We talk about the scene in the video clip of his smashing the car window.
38:00 Viewer Question: Have any movies brought Robert onsite during the filing?
– We tackle how trailers come way ahead of movie releases, and that Robert only works on the trailers; not the soundtracks of the actual movies.
43:34 What is Robert’s mandatory equipment kit?
46:35 Video clip of Robert recording “screaming” under water.
49:55 Are there any favorite techniques of his?
54:39 How many backups and what unique naming convention does he use to catalogue all his sounds?
57:49 Is Robert a collector?
1:01:33 Video clip of Robert using his Arturia minibcrute and VST filters. Questions follow.
1:03:33 What is his favorite filter adjustment.
1:04:14 Does he have a fav filter of the 3 VSTs?
1:06:13 What are his fav hardware synths? He mentions the Hydrasynth, Voyager, Prophet, Yamaha Reface amongst others. Though he likes his softsynths: Kontakt (Massive X) Pigments, Generate by Eventide and others. Robert shows us Generate on his computer.
1:12:52 Viewer question: Do hardware synths lend themselves more to experimentation than the software types?
1:14:05 How does one categorize a sound like the one Robert created on Generate?
1:16:44 “If you had to create an ambulance siren, would you go out to record one or synthesize one?”
1:19:34 Does Robert like RAUM, a reverb plugin from Native Instruments. He is buzzed about the addition of the Guitar Rig 6.
1:20:50 Video clip: Damage 1 & 2 sound libraries.
1:22:25 Robert finds the new police siren sound he recorded!
1:25:29 Co-producers of the Damage libraries.
1:26:55 Robert likes his Roli Seaboard.
1:29:17 Does Robert think the MPE controller is the new and better controller? And that he is building his own instrument for his own work.
1:35:50 Advice to sound design newbies from Robert, and his favorite project to date.
And all the way to the end!

Livestream 2020 © Shueh-li Ong.

Composer, producer, theremin-synthesist, sound designer, educator and multimedia nerd, Shueh-li Ong, is an Australian-born Singapore artist, based in America. She accepts commissions to work with groups, venues or on projects of her interest.
International Booking: info@shuehli.com

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