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Do you like magic? I am a sucker for a great party trick or an illusion that melts my brain into submission. I found this model on Thingiverse and easily printed it without any fuss. I did notice that there was a gap at the bottom of the model that I was unclear of its purpose. The fix for the strange gap that I found is to sink the model down into the Z axis so that the gap sits just below the plane of the print bed.
I scaled this model up 200% and it printed beautifully. It looks as if the scaled up version has a better illusion effect.

When Garrett Thomas introduced THE RING THING at the famous FFFF invitation-only close-up magic convention, some of the top close-up magicians in the world were asking to see it over and over again. Luminaries such as David Blaine, Jeff McBride, Gregory Wilson and many others have asked Garrett to teach them this fabulous impromptu routine. Why? Because it looks like real magic! And now, every detail of THE RING THING can be yours- Garrett Thomas has held nothing back. THE RING THING looks like trick photography . . . but it's not! It's a quick, visual, impromptu miracle that you can do right before their eyes. You pull off your finger ring, toss it back towards your other hand . . . and it visibly appears back on your finger! Garrett doesn't just stop at teaching THE RING THING. This DVD is a post-graduate course in finger ring magic. Of course, effects that can be performed at a moment's notice and with no preparation are some of the most valuable tricks to know and finger rings are everyday objects that are always available. Imagine visibly taking a ring on and off right through your finger! Imagine visibly changing a coin into a ring and then back into a coin again! Imagine causing an invisible ring to really become visible! All of this . . . and much more . . . are revealed in Garrett Thomas' THE RING THING! Running Time Approximately 57min

To make the illusion pop the best you can set it on a table and rotate it until it looks most like a circle or square, then raise or lower your head to adjust your eye angle until the illusion is most strong. You can also adjust the distance away from you that the print sits. You will quickly find the best combination of distance and angle to make this illusion the strongest.

For an even more crazy illusion set a mirror up and you will see both sides of this tricky print at the same time!

Dark material (Helps prevent shadows)
0.4 Nozzle
0.1mm layers
180C nozzle temp
70C glass bed temp (With PVA Glue)
50mm/s print speed
15% infill
2 perimeters
cooling fan on

Watch me chase down my little brother Caleb with the QX90 micro quadcopter flying FPV. This little quadcopter is amazing!


Ambiguous Cylinder models:

Colorfabb PLA/PHA:

Jim Yosef – Eclipse
TheFatRat – Unity

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