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Double Agent – Blaise Serra

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When Garrett Thomas introduced THE RING THING at the famous FFFF invitation-only close-up magic convention, some of the top close-up magicians in the world were asking to see it over and over again. Luminaries such as David Blaine, Jeff McBride, Gregory Wilson and many others have asked Garrett to teach them this fabulous impromptu routine. Why? Because it looks like real magic! And now, every detail of THE RING THING can be yours- Garrett Thomas has held nothing back. THE RING THING looks like trick photography . . . but it's not! It's a quick, visual, impromptu miracle that you can do right before their eyes. You pull off your finger ring, toss it back towards your other hand . . . and it visibly appears back on your finger! Garrett doesn't just stop at teaching THE RING THING. This DVD is a post-graduate course in finger ring magic. Of course, effects that can be performed at a moment's notice and with no preparation are some of the most valuable tricks to know and finger rings are everyday objects that are always available. Imagine visibly taking a ring on and off right through your finger! Imagine visibly changing a coin into a ring and then back into a coin again! Imagine causing an invisible ring to really become visible! All of this . . . and much more . . . are revealed in Garrett Thomas' THE RING THING! Running Time Approximately 57min

The spectator is asked to think of a random, free selection. With their finger outstretched, they press against the bottom card of the deck – a Joker. As they make contact, the deck is overturned to show that the Joker has transformed into their thought-of card.

The trick is over before they think it has begun. Purely Impossible.
Double Agent by Blaise Serra is an advanced and innovative new approach to card magic where there’s no procedure – it appears as if the magician does absolutely nothing. You appear totally innocent as you find their thought-of card, while they watch your hands the entire time.

No index, no forces, no gimmicks.
Also learn Blaise’s iconic Any Card At Any Number – a classic of magic that he re-designed and pushed to the limit – the spectator names ANY card which appears reversed at ANY number they think of.

An all-new technique that’s hidden in plain sight.
In this 90-minute streaming video Blaise guides you through every step and various handlings of his signature Wild Card routine, so you can begin performing this effect as quickly as possible. He also reveals how to apply the same techniques to an all new effect: Invisible Deck At Any Number. The Box Set includes the instructional video and a deck of Voyager playing cards.

Please note: Double Agent utilizes sleight of hand techniques that will require practice. The result is absolutely worth the time and effort.

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