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Metal 5: Redux by Eric Jones – “Must watch coin magic”

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When Garrett Thomas introduced THE RING THING at the famous FFFF invitation-only close-up magic convention, some of the top close-up magicians in the world were asking to see it over and over again. Luminaries such as David Blaine, Jeff McBride, Gregory Wilson and many others have asked Garrett to teach them this fabulous impromptu routine. Why? Because it looks like real magic! And now, every detail of THE RING THING can be yours- Garrett Thomas has held nothing back. THE RING THING looks like trick photography . . . but it's not! It's a quick, visual, impromptu miracle that you can do right before their eyes. You pull off your finger ring, toss it back towards your other hand . . . and it visibly appears back on your finger! Garrett doesn't just stop at teaching THE RING THING. This DVD is a post-graduate course in finger ring magic. Of course, effects that can be performed at a moment's notice and with no preparation are some of the most valuable tricks to know and finger rings are everyday objects that are always available. Imagine visibly taking a ring on and off right through your finger! Imagine visibly changing a coin into a ring and then back into a coin again! Imagine causing an invisible ring to really become visible! All of this . . . and much more . . . are revealed in Garrett Thomas' THE RING THING! Running Time Approximately 57min

Delete your browser history after you see this trailer… because this is COIN PORN.

Metal 5: Redux is the long-awaited revival of the decade-old collaboration between Ellusionist & Eric Jones – The Metal Series.

In this fifth instalment, Eric unlocks a secret door to coin magic we never knew existed. This isn’t the best-of or the greatest hits… This is the newest, most cutting-edge material that he’s developing for himself.

Metal 5 gives you exclusive access to the routines Eric is using to fool audiences right now, not back then, but now.

NOTE: All of the magic taught on Metal 5 requires no gaffed coins and is completely impromptu.


JWMP – This original utility move forms the basis of other routines on this project. Although the sleight itself is VERY easy, the magic that it creates is god-like.

JW2S – Another cool mystery with a single coin. Eric teaches you how to make it vanish in a fluid, flourishy-way. Your hands are left completely empty and the routine requires zero gimmicks.

JW2P – We want to desperately spoil this for you. It’s so cool, we’d consider it the James Bond of coin vanishes. It’s precise, considered, motivated and DEADLY. On staff, this is the one we’re all practising on team calls, or performing over Skype. A must-learn for all magicians, not just coin enthusiasts.

EVANESCE – Is this the greatest coin vanish the world has ever seen? We think so. Evanesce is a sharp, direct and sleeveless vanish of a single coin. The hands are shown completely empty – on both sides and it leaves no explanation other than magic. This is the one coin fans will lose their minds over!

2 COINZ – Don’t let the name fool you. This is a devilishly-deceptive dual coin routine that uses only one coin. Maybe it won’t fool you on video, but you’re a magician. You’re viewing magic through the lens of a decoder, not someone wanting to believe. In real life this plays HUGE and will get you stunning reactions.

ELEVENTH HOUR VANISH – Sitting or standing, this smooth vanish lets you show a single coin and with the slowest movements imaginable, cause it to vanish in plain sight. As an alternative handling to JW2S, Eleventh Hour stands not as an extension to an effect, but an effect in its own right.

TOSS UP – This one is a surefire winner for the most-fun routine to practice. When you nail this once, you’ll fool yourself. From that day forth, you’ll be a weapon to be reckoned with. Harnessing the ability to snatch coins from mid-air and make them vanish.

TRUE FINGERTIP UTILITY SWITCH – “At the fingertips” translates in a spectators mind to ‘impossible to be sleight-of-hand’. This true fingertip utility switch creates the cleanest, most beautiful switch of one coin for another. What makes it perfect is the fact that it can be instantly repeated from now into infinity.

THE KNEE SERVANTE – In Metal 3, Eric blew the minds of coin magicians everywhere by using the spectators own shoulder for a coin hold-out. Now, in Metal 5, he uses his naturally crossed knees to do the exact same thing. This is the most fooling, casual piece of magic to do with a coin. Bust this out with friends and family as an ‘off the cuff’ effect and you’ll floor the entire room.

Our favorite…
Watch the Evanesce vanish in action



Filmed on location in Miami, Florida, Metal 5 contains over 1 hour of new content taught by coin magic’s most prominent Ambassador, Eric Jones.

The problem with coin magic is that it can be difficult. However, Metal 5 contains magic that ranges from outrageously easy, all the way to knuckle-busting coin work.

You pick and choose what you work on. There’s so much visual magic in this project, that you could take parts out of every routine depending on skill level.

You will receive the same high quality of instructions that you’ve come to expect from Ellusionist, including slow-motion walkthroughs and additional tips.

The expert tuition will guide you through every step of learning each powerful routine, so you can master everything Eric brings to you.

In Metal 1, Ellusionist opened the door to beginner coin magic, in Metal 5 we’re getting experimental.

Grab your coins and dive into METAL 5 INSTANTLY.

Ellusionist would like to thank full-time virgin and part-time Youtuber PigCake for his help and hospitality in Miami. Make sure you subscribe to him. Thanks to Danny aka Donny & Caesar too.

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