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Magic Soul Presents FLAP by Hondo- Official Trailer

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When Garrett Thomas introduced THE RING THING at the famous FFFF invitation-only close-up magic convention, some of the top close-up magicians in the world were asking to see it over and over again. Luminaries such as David Blaine, Jeff McBride, Gregory Wilson and many others have asked Garrett to teach them this fabulous impromptu routine. Why? Because it looks like real magic! And now, every detail of THE RING THING can be yours- Garrett Thomas has held nothing back. THE RING THING looks like trick photography . . . but it's not! It's a quick, visual, impromptu miracle that you can do right before their eyes. You pull off your finger ring, toss it back towards your other hand . . . and it visibly appears back on your finger! Garrett doesn't just stop at teaching THE RING THING. This DVD is a post-graduate course in finger ring magic. Of course, effects that can be performed at a moment's notice and with no preparation are some of the most valuable tricks to know and finger rings are everyday objects that are always available. Imagine visibly taking a ring on and off right through your finger! Imagine visibly changing a coin into a ring and then back into a coin again! Imagine causing an invisible ring to really become visible! All of this . . . and much more . . . are revealed in Garrett Thomas' THE RING THING! Running Time Approximately 57min

The Flap Card was first introduced in 1922, in Professor R. Kunard’s Book of Card Tricks. In the decades since, it has become a staple in the routines of magicians worldwide, used to produce all sorts of stunning effects. However, limitations of the original 1922 design constrain these performances: magicians must precisely position their audience, keep constant pressure on the card surface, and perform tricks almost immediately after setup for best results.

魔術歷史發展中, 第一個自動翻面型的Flap Card出現在1922年, Professor R. Kunard所寫的書The Book of Card Tricks當中。這個設計至今仍被廣泛應用在許多魔術效果上, 但由於先天上的缺點, 傳統Flap Card的表演限制很多, 例如: 可觀看的角度範圍很小、效果呈現之前通常都要用手或是東西壓住、設定之後時間過太久會造成變化的速度下降… 等。

Over many months of extensive research, Hondo has refined the Flap Card design to allow for faster flips and the near complete elimination of fold lines and uneven surfaces. This means that you (yes, YOU) will be able to perform to audiences on all sides AND up close, with any type of card you’d like: the design looks great on aces, number cards, and blank cards alike. Not only that, but Hondo’s specialized locking mechanism will allow you to hold a flip, hands-free, and release it whenever you’re ready. Most exciting of all, you will now be able to flip the same card TWICE, showing a total of three different surfaces to stun and amaze your audience.
而在Hondo經過了長時間的研究以及不斷改良, Flap Card的結構大幅地進化, 不但變化速度更快、更克服了惱人的摺線以及高低差, 可觀看角度更廣、距離更近, 而其中最驚人的突破是鎖定系統的發明, 可讓魔術師在想要的時候解開鎖定來產生變化, 大大增加了使用上的自由度以及便利性。也由於這些進化, 你可以做到更多變化, 不再侷限只能在複雜牌面做變化 (如:人像牌或是複雜花紋的牌背), 你將可應用在Aces、數字牌甚至是空白牌面, 更讓人興奮的是你還能做連續兩次變化!

In this series of instructional videos, Hondo will teach you how to make your own improved Flap Cards. You will learn how to select the best materials for the project, and he will take you step-by-step through the techniques required to assemble basic Flap Cards, seamless Flap Cards, seamless two-flip Flap Cards, locking mechanisms, and more, all accompanied by simple explanations and clear demonstrations guaranteed to turn you into a true Flap Card master!

Hondo在本作品中將教你如何製作他所研發的所有新型態Flap Card, 包含最佳的工具和材料選擇、基本Flap Card製作、無縫Flap Card製作、無縫雙次變化Flap Card以及鎖定系統…等, 一步步讓你學會所有最厲害的Flap Card製作知識。

This is the biggest revolution in card tricks in almost a century. Are you ready to take part?

這是紙牌道具發展歷史中最大的一場革命, 你準備好加入我們了嗎?


01. Intro
02. Preparation
03. Basic Flap Card Building- In Frame Flap Card
04. Card Splitting
05. The Midline Jig
06. Flat Paint Spraying
07. Gapless Flap Card – Picture Cards
08. Gapless Flap Card- Aces, Blank and Number Cards
09. Gapless Double Flap Card- Picture Cards
10. Gapless Double Flap Card- RGB
11. Gapless Double Flap Card- BlurRed
12. Gapless Double Flap Card- Aces, Blank and Number Cards
13. Final Thought and Credits
14. Bonus

Running Time – 2hr 54min

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